Flavours available

(+20€ for 2 additional people).

On quote, for more customization.

Tasting Prices

30€ for 2 people and 2 flavors.

Tasting your cake before the big day is essential.

It is part of the taste pleasure that you will offer to your guests (and especially to yourself).

We highly recommend doing a tasting for all our future brides and grooms!

Vanilla biscuit with ultra vanilla and mango whipped ganache and passion fruit curd / or strawberry / peach (in season)

Lemon biscuit with vanilla and raspberry buttercream

Red velvet biscuit with cream cheese with or without fruit (raspberry, strawberry, red fruit)

Chocolate biscuit with crunchy praline and gianduja whipped ganache

Chocolate biscuit with crunchy praline and vanilla buttercream with red fruit insert

Chocolate biscuit with salted butter caramel and cinnamon apple ganache

assiette de dessert de wedding cake
assiette de dessert de wedding cake


Ultra vanilla ganache macaroons
Purple blackcurrant macaroons
Salted butter caramel macaroons
Chocolate macaroons

Mini choux crackers and caramel
Vanilla or chocolate

Mini cupcake (chocolate or vanilla with mascarpone whipped cream)
Mini lemon meringue tartlet

Rochers : Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Glaze

Verrine sponge cake vanilla cream diplomat red fruits (strawberry or raspberry)
Verrine Vanilla sponge cake with coconut and mango ganache

wedding table of miagniardise during french wedding
wedding table of miagniardise during french wedding



With my husband, a wedding photographer, we are passionate about travel.

We have already had the chance to visit many countries and it will be a joy for us to accompany you in creating your magnificent cakes across the globe.

Don't wait to contact us!

Dates fill up quickly. We will be happy to be at your side and bring the French touch to your plates!

Duomo, Milano

Question: What are the current wedding cake trends?

Answer: Currently, wedding cake trends emphasize clean and elegant designs, subtle color gradients and natural textures like marble or semi-naked cake. My couples also opt for edible floral decorations and touches of precious metal for a luxurious look. Beyond trends, what matters most is a cake that suits you! Don't let yourself be too influenced by what you see on social media.


Question: Can you create a cake that matches our wedding theme?

Answer: Absolutely, this is even what we favor for all our services; we love customizing cakes to match your wedding theme. Whether it's vintage, baroque, bohemian or modern style, we are ready to design a cake that perfectly matches the ambiance of your special day.


Question: What is the recommended cake size for our number of guests?

Answer: The size of the cake depends on various factors, including the number of guests, the presence of other desserts and your own preference. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs to recommend the ideal size.


Question: Do you offer options for guests with dietary restrictions?

Answer: Absolutely, we offer gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan cakes. We are also mindful of food allergies and are able to personalize our recipes to meet your needs and ensure all your guests can enjoy the cake.


Question: Can we have samples of different flavors before making our decision?

Answer: Of course, we would be happy to offer you samples of our most popular flavors to help you make an informed decision. This will allow you to choose the flavor combination that will delight you the most.


Question: Do you offer tiered wedding cakes?

Answer: Absolutely, we specialize in tier cakes which are a popular choice for weddings. They allow for great creativity in design and provide a spectacular visual experience for your guests.


Question: Can you work with our florist to incorporate fresh flowers into the cake design?

Answer: Absolutely, we are happy to work with your florist to incorporate fresh flowers into the cake design. This creates visual harmony between the cake and your wedding floral decoration. However, I primarily like working with flowers that I make myself!


Question: How far in advance should we order our wedding cake?

Answer: We recommend placing your order at least three months before your wedding date. This gives us plenty of time to plan and design the perfect cake that matches your wishes.


Question: Can you deliver the cake to the reception venue?

Answer: Yes, we offer a professional delivery service to ensure your cake arrives in perfect condition at the venue, ready for you and your guests to enjoy.

Question: I don't want to eat the sugar paste, do I have a choice with different designs?

Answer: yes, sugar paste is simply an edible decorative element. it's here to bring every design possibility imaginable to your cake. Although edible, it is not necessarily there to be eaten on the wedding night.


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